Node.js framework for creating systems and APIs with plugin support. With We.js it is possible to develop systems in a short time with a reusable architecture, the systems are transformed into re-marketable and highly customizable products.

Some of the products available as free software are: We.js Blog, We.js Events Portal and the Narrative Platform.


  • Creation
  • Maintenance

Build with:

  • Node.js

About the project:

In 2013 I started developing a system for social networks using node.js, at the time with Sails.js as a backend framework and Ember.js as a frontend framework.

After the experience with the Community of Practices project, I came forward with the idea of improving the project to become a framework that would allow creating projects of any type. After 2 years, We.js is already stable and has many features to create different types of systems.