The Saúde é Meu Lugar platform was developed in 1 month with Linky’s Narrative Platforms solution and has a look developed by the project designer with a list of stories organized dynamically to adapt to the available space.

The project has the following tools: pages, news, stories, contact form, customizable widgets and integrations with external services.

One integration that stands out is sending videos to the project’s Google Drive, saving server resources.

Period of activity in the project: Website developed in 2018 and with ongoing hosting, maintenance and backup offered by Linky.

Contributions:Link to this heading

  • Website development with Linky’s storytelling platform.
  • Hosting, maintenance and backup.

Technologies:Link to this heading

  • We.js
  • Node.js

Sobre o Saúde é Meu Lugar:Link to this heading

`The exhibition Saúde É Meu Lugar is a project that aims to gather and disseminate stories about health work experiences in territories, throughout the national territory.__` -