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Food and Culture is an emerging theme in the field of nutrition and is configured, in the technical-scientific scenario, as a fundamental knowledge to supply gaps and understand commensality in the contemporary context. The importance of sociocultural aspects in the eating choices of individuals is important for understanding the formation of habits and practices related to eating; and these are issues that go beyond biological/nutritional aspects and insert the conflicting constitution of the individual's daily life and the community.

Given the challenges faced by public policies aimed at food safety and the promotion of healthy eating, it is necessary to understand varied and complex food problems in Brazilian society, seeking to know more broadly the methods of approaches to the understanding of various knowledge and practices that involve eating and food, its different interfaces, values, codes, languages and contribute to the greater access of primary health care and nutrition of the population.

For this purpose, the Interinstitutional Network of Food and Culture - Rede A&C, was created in 2007, from the perspective of bringing together nutrition researchers, anthropologists, sociologists and national and international historians, health professionals and society, with a view to discussing food and Culture, articulating, as far as possible, global and local issues, in order to produce and disseminate knowledge, knowledge and technologies and contribute to the training of professionals in the field of food and culture. The objective is to constitute a research and training network that allows the exchange of experiences between its members and the maximization of human resources, infrastructure and financial resources.

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