Monitor do Mercado has an advanced automated system with multiple robots for collecting and processing data transforming news imported from various sources such as websites and PDFs into system news detecting metadata such as related company, tags, attachments and content reuse permission.

The system has an administration environment that allows the addition of new news manually, adjustments to the news generated by robots and the addition of new metadata such as: news author and image gallery. It is also possible to manage all data available in the system and configure integrations with SMTP and advertisements.

The system is very advanced, capable of processing all news from Bovespa companies and companies selected by managers immediately after official publication with an efficiency impossible to achieve with human resources. This is a case that demonstrates how it is possible to optimize work that was previously carried out manually and now allows professionals to focus on other issues.

Period of activity on the project: Website developed in 2018 and with ongoing hosting, maintenance and backup offered by Linky.

Contributions:Link to this heading

  • Development of data import and processing robots.
  • Website development.
  • Hosting, maintenance and backup.

Technologies:Link to this heading

  • We.js
  • Node.js
  • Linux

About Monitor do Mercado:Link to this heading

`The Monitor do Mercado website brings together the most important information about the main companies in Brazil. With cutting-edge technology and a focus on public information, Monitor seeks to increase transparency in the private sector. Our news also serves as an aid to decision-making for those who invest or intend to invest in the capital market.` - source:

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