In this project I developed the plugin to add the function of a dynamic bulletin system for Agência Fiocruz de Notícias (AFN). A versatile system that allows you to add news from practically any Fiocruz website using free fields and a visual developed together with the AFN communications team.

The visual template sent in the newsletter emails has been optimized to work with any current email reader and older versions of Outlook with advanced support for all email readers.

I also provided bugfix and upgrades services in the related news system.

Period of activity in the project: from 01/2016 to 03/2016.


  • Bug fixes and update.
  • Development of a dynamic bulletin system.


  • Drupal 7

About the project:

"The Agencia Fiocruz de Notícias (AFN) is a vehicle of the Coordenadoria de Comunicação Social da Fiocruz (CCS), an advisory body to the Presidency of the Foundation. The content presented is created by our own team and is also composed of collaborative texts from communication advisors from the various Fiocruz units" - fonte: