Set of systems for sharing information, interaction and communication between SUS agents

Period of work on the project: from 2013 to 2016.


  • Site building
  • Coding with PHP and Javascript
  • Team lead
  • Tests and research
  • Analysis and planning of the first structure and systems integration

Build with:

  • Drupal 7
  • Node.js
  • We.js
  • Wordpress

About the project:

Created 4 years ago, the Comunidade de Práticas is an online space where managers and healthcare workers meet to exchange information and share experiences about their daily work. These actors thus form a collaborative network, today with more than 45 thousand members, aimed at improving the population's health care conditions.

The idea arose with inspiration from the continental dimensions of Brazil and the teams of workers and managers, from different regions, who develop specific forms of organization and unique ways of taking care of the health needs of the citizens with whom they interact.

By sharing an experience, participants in this network can inspire other workers, whether their report reflects a confrontation with positive results or not. This is because difficulties and great challenges also reveal, importantly, other paths and alternatives to be followed.

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